FILM BABY FILM Podcast Guest Spot

September 20, 2017


What’s it like to be a guest on a podcast with a host who’s a former contestant on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, a trivia whizz, huge film buff, and all-around brain? Taking some time on Jonathan Laubinger's FILM BABY FILM to discuss the book/film THE LONG GOODBYE was a blast. We talked about Raymond Chandler, Robert Altman, books, movies, detective fiction, and even film world royalty like Arnold Schwarzenegger.


It. Is. Not. A. Toomahhhhhhhhh.


Due to my absolute non-diagnosis of ADD (What’s for lunch? Is ODB a poet more than a rapper? Where exactly is the place between the moon and New York City) I also may have mentioned things as far-reaching as The Gorton’s Fisherman, Matt Damon’s impersonation of Matthew McConaughey, and James Bond music.


Diamonds are forever.


In fact-checking my own foolishness, here are some things to give you more to go on:


1. Faulkner and Chandler

Who would have guessed that I got this one right? TRUE. Faulkner was involved in the screenplay of The Big Sleep (something I got lost in during the podcast and started having F. Scott Fitzgerald confusions).


2. Lee Grove

I mention UMASS/Boston and Lee Grove in the talk. Lee was instrumental in encouraging my writing and my pursuit of an MFA in Creative Writing. His appearance on a 1978 TV broadcast should give you all you need for a flashback. As of this moment I cannot tell you how much I wish Jonathan had Lee on as a guest instead of me.


3. Richard Walter

Richard Walter comes up as the head honcho at the UCLA screenwriting program. His book Essentials of Screenwriting is one of my favorites on writing and a must-read for all aspiring writers. Plus, Mr. Walter’s generous time with and encouragement with my screenplay CLOVERDOSED has been a boost to my writing.


4. Reds

I bring up Socialism, Jack London and Dashiell Hammett. TRUE. I thought maybe I had the timing off of Dash and McCarthyism but I nailed it this time (not always the case). In the past couple years I’ve read a great bio on London and a great one on Hammett that are worth the time.

Wolf: The Lives of Jack London is worth the read. If I remember the Dash bio I will comment it below.

5. Robert B. Parker

Robert B. Parker and BU. TRUE (what?). I knew there was a connect there with Northeastern and Parker, but I was right that he got his PhD at BU.


6. Dutch

I mention that Elmore Leonard is the most produced writer. This is definitely off. So, FALSE. Stephen King likely gives Dutch (Elmore’s nickname) a run for his money. But there’s also that guy Shakespeare that might be worth looking into. Maybe even Stan Lee too. And Agatha Christie.


7. Ummm

Who knew I said umm so much, smacked my lips, and meandered so far from any original question that I sounded like Billy Madison answering questions about the Industrial Revolution? All of you?


Apologies to everyone I ever dated, spoke to, or answered the question “would you like a sandwich?” I loved being on the podcast but may be better as a writer working in silence.


8. John D. MacDonald

I bring up MacDonald briefly at the end. That piece I read from THE LONG GOODBYE on the podcast is like the heart of every Travis McGee novel.


Fact Checking Yourself

As Ice Cube said prophetically before the era of so-called fake news was ushered in, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.” Before you question any aspect of my appearance on the podcast please keep in mind I had to actually fact check myself due to bad memory and endless running of the mouth.


You can check out my appearance on FILM BABY FILM here. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast for future episodes and updates on Jonathan’s millionaire status.


In the meantime, make sure to check out some of my other audio and video readings and panel discussions here on the EidsvigArt website.  

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