North Korean Nuclear Art

April 18, 2017


History repeats. In the case of North Korea and nuclear weapons the question is if someone will take the CD from the machine and blow the dust off at this point.


Kids: A CD stands for “compact disc.” These were absurdly impractical devices created to make billions of dollars for the music industry. The marketing of CD’s was genius.


We all believed in CD’s once. And we all believed in nuclear war.



Nuclear War: A History


80s kids like me went to bed every night wondering if there would be a world to wake up to. There is something insane about the increased fear of everyone dying and not just you.


Life is a horror movie where Freddy Krueger has access to plague.


Before Rocky defeated the Russians because they killed his friend there was a lot to fear about nuclear war. But Rocky sort of handled it.


Now, the U.S. has a realty star as president and an action hero filling in as a reality star.



Nuclear War: No Smoking




No Smoking (Atomic War) was created in response to North Korea performing nuclear weapons tests in 2013.


In the current political environment, it seems just as necessary.


There are images of early nuclear weapons civil defense training manuals as well as the iconic "No Smoking" symbol. In the case of North and South Korea and the historic DMZ a symbolic idea of being visible at night while on patrol if smoking a cigarette near the enemy came through.


There are certainly anti-war sentiments in the print, but also a comment on posturing, drawing attention to oneself, and the danger of burning things in crowds or near combustible materials.


At this point, the global political landscape seems filled with combustible materials. No Smoking rules should apply.


North Korean Nuclear Art


What can an artist do in a crazy world? Make a throw pillow, of course.





You can find my pop expressionism print “No Smoking (Atomic War)” in my online store.    

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