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Bad art is boring. This is something different.

The best contemporary art has to compete with social media and streaming channels. When's the last time you looked at anything for longer than a few seconds--except for your phone?

EidsvigArt contains experiences. With a background in illustration, drawing, poetry, and theatre, Kurt Cole Eidsvig builds art for right now. These are artworks you can come back to over and over again. You change. The art changes. This is art you can hear, feel, taste. Pop art has never looked so deep. Expressionist art has never been so intensely contemporary.

EidsvigArt is better than art.

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More Each Time You Look

What makes Eidsvig Art so special? Rather than just looking at experiences, Eidsvig Art provides the experience of looking. Every time you return to an Eidsvig Art original is an opportunity for a deeper relationship to the art and to yourself. Some call Kurt Cole Eidsvig's style neo-pop or neo-pop expressionism. These works take the best from deeply emotional expressionist strategies as well as the common connections from pop culture. 

Kurt Cole Eidsvig's exhibition record spans over 20 years and includes solo, 3-person, and group shows in the US and Australia. Numerous media outlets like The Boston Globe, The Improper Bostonian, The Weekly Dig, The Boston Phoenix, Big Red & Shiny, and BNN have featured Eidsvig and his work. 


Like every good character in a movie or a streaming show, each part of a Kurt Cole Eidsvig original artwork has a story to tell. Working with a layered approach, these small details and interpersonal interactions make each artwork that much more complex and enjoyable.


We have so much in common. How we meet, love, touch, hear, see contains shared moments and instinctual responses. Kurt Cole Eidsvig's art takes the primal reactions we all experience and connects them with contemporary life and culture. Using vintage styles and modern-day specifics lets each viewer feel more entangled with the universe.


Our contemporary life is a layered experience. We watch television, text, read the news, do work, and interact with social media--while touching our partners or families and listening to music in the background. Simultaneously, our daily lives are more intertwined with global issues than ever before. As much as a Monet landscape is representative of modern life in France, Eidsvig depicts the fragmented, connected, and layered experience of our times.


Art has to experience the moment it lives in. The Abstract Expressionists wrestled with post-World War II realities while Renaissance painters dealt with scientific and philosophical rigor in rendering their lives. Our art must do the same.  The challenge is always in connecting the deeply personal to the universal issues we face. Social inequalities, epidemics like gun violence and opioid addiction, civil liberties, and cultural divides provide the underpinning for many Eidsvig Art originals. 


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For every student who never wanted to read another poem after high school English, welcome to pop poetry.

Eidsvig’s poems have been included in numerous journals and anthologies. He’s been a regular contributor to Big Red & Shiny and Poets Reading the News. His poems have been included in installations like x/o and performance pieces produced by the Fort Point Theatre Channel.

A participating member of the Fort Point Arts Community, the Fort Point Theatre Channel, the South Boston Arts Association, the Key West Poetry Guild, and the Studios of Key West, the line between visual art and literary art has always bent and transformed in Kurt’s hybrid works. He has won poetry slams and participated in numerous readings, 

Movie reviews, art critiques, recipe guides, short stories, screenplays, and travel journals all provide the backdrop for Eidsvig’s unique pop-poetry style. 

His work has earned a teaching fellowship from the University of Montana, the Edmund Freeman Award, a Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant, a Warhol Foundation / Creative Capital Award, finalist recognition from the Elizabeth George Foundation, and semi-finalist awards from the Sawtooth Poetry Prize and Zone 3 Books. 

Read some of Kurt Cole Eidsvig’s poetry and writing by visiting the publications page.   

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Making Money Never Looked So Good



“Since 1985 contemporary art has been the best bet for investors of the asset class.”


Kurt Cole Eidsvig completes approximately 20 original artworks per year. Each is available for purchase by contacting Eidsvig Art directly.  With a variety of sizes and mediums, these range from oil-based and acrylic painting to machine prints with hand-embellishment.



Citigroup advises that “contemporary art continues to outperform other categories” and notes that larger purchase prices are not a requirement for return on investment. “Works under $50,000 offer ‘the best performing price point from both a return and a risk per unit of return basis.’”

Limited edition prints are a more affordable way to invest in art while beautifying your space. 



Small run books and print multiples are another way to invest in Eidsvig Art and Kurt Cole Eidsvig's artwork. Visit the shop and stay tuned for digital subscriptions; coming soon.



Central to Eidsvig's practice is working with other creatives. This includes collaborations with collectives as well as one-on-one projects. Whether the collaboration is virtual or for a unique space, get in touch to discuss further possibilities.

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Created with the patron's unique needs in mind, Kurt Cole Eidsvig has crafted individual commissions for a wide range of personal and commercial collections.

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  • Protest Art. The Galleries at CCBC, Baltimore, MD, June, 2020.

  • Paste Modernism 4. AMBUSH Gallery, Sydney, Australia, November 27, 2015 - January 24, 2016.

  • NANA14, new art new artists, juried exhibition. Lucky Street Gallery, Key West, FL, November 25 - December 2, 2014.

  • Snap to Grid. LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art), Los Angeles, CA, December, 2013.

  • 2012 National Juried Group Exhibition. NK Gallery, Boston, MA, January 6 - 21, 2012.

  • Big Ideas. Art at 12 Gallery, Boston, MA, December 9, 2011 - January 12, 2012.

  • Paper Chase 100, works on paper. FPAC Gallery, Boston, MA, September 15 - 29, 2011.

  • x/o, a visual, sound and spoken-word installation created by Martin Cockroft, Kurt Cole Eidsvig, and Brendan Murray. Produced by the Fort Point Theatre Channel. 311 Summer Street, Boston. April 24, 2010.

  • Stop Traffic, Paintings by Kurt Cole Eidsvig & Photography by Jonathan Stark, Tantric, Boston, MA, June - August, 2009

  • First Show: Large Work, Group Show, Made in Fort Point Gallery, Boston, MA, January - March, 2009

  • Reference Point: New Work, Solo Exhibition, Moakley Federal Courthouse, Boston, MA, April - June, 2008

  • Image for Sale, 3-person show, FPAC Gallery, Boston, MA, July 20 - August 16, 2007

  • Paint, LynnArts Inc., Lynn, MA, 2007Open Studios Group Show, FPAC Gallery, Boston, MA, 2006


Watch & Hear an Award-winning Arts Writer Provide In-depth Analysis on Art

An art critic and art historian, Kurt Cole Eidsvig places his work in the context of other artists and popular culture. An arts educator who has taught at UMASS Boston and the Isabella Stewart Museum in Boston, Eidsvig has earned a Warhol Foundation / Creative Capital Fellowship for his work in arts writing. 

A regular contributor or columnist in art history & criticism for publications like Big Red & Shiny,, SpinRecords, ArtsAmerica, Eidsvig has served as guest lecturer and panelist on art for Clark University, UMASS Boston, and the University of Montana. 

Eidsvig's talks on his own art and art history reveal deeper connections and meaning beyond each piece. This is art in a larger cultural context. Come back often and watch his IGTV channel for the latest art talks. 


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