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A Biography Written in Haiku

Poetry can’t keep

Explaining themselves to you

Open your heart now.

That’s one of the over three hundred poems from my new book POP X POETRY. This Biography of an Icon tells the untold story of Poetry itself. Poetry has been around longer than your High School English Teacher, longer than Beowulf, longer than the Bible.

But you probably don’t know about Poetry’s affairs, shocking secrets, and soap opera dramas. Like:

Poetry’s wild flings

with iPhones produced many

bastard emojis.

The book is available only in paperback and hardcover versions because it’s a hybrid of original artworks, colorful designs, and the bite-sized stories of Poetry’s escapades.

Models, actors, artists, musicians, and other collaborators helped make these stories from Poetry’s life come alive. You can buy Pop x Poetry at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target— or better yet, through your own local bookstore.

A lot of you know my writing has been published in numerous journals and my visual art has been included in exhibitions in Boston, LA, Sydney Australia, and other spots around the globe. It’s great to have both art and poetry combine in this project.

Here’s another one:

Godzilla’s famous

fights with poetry nearly

demolished Japan

And for those keeping score at home, this is the first of three upcoming books. In 2022 my novel Art Official is coming out from Terror House Press, and my poetry book “OxyContin for Breakfast” is being published by Urban Farmhouse Press. You can subscribe to my blog or follow my Instagram for more info on those projects. There will be an audio version of the novel and all sorts of hybrid pieces coming out in the next year.

I’m the meantime, don’t forget:

Poetry got killed

on Groundhog Day. Now they’re back

again and again.

You can check out the POP X POETRY page for more info on the project.

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