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Art God Baldessari Doubles My Fame

See the message below for info on my 15 seconds of fame being doubled to an astounding 30!!!!

1) Did my name break the machine, as I can only hope? and 2) If you were casting a traditional God for a movie, wouldn’t you call John Baldessari? His pic above is from his website.

Here is the info:


Due to exceptional circumstances there have been some technical issues since the launch of Your Name in Lights; the LED screen has been malfunctioning at times and the livestream has been offline. We apologize for this. In the meantime we have been working hard to get the LED screen and the livestream fully functional, which is the case right now.

Possibly, you may have (partially) missed your 15 seconds of fame. Therefore, Holland Festival and Stedelijk Museum would like to give you another opportunity to get your 15 seconds of fame. If your name has already passed, you will get another chance to see it. Please read on for details.

Kind regards,

The project team of Your Name in Lights

JOUW NAAM / YOUR NAME: KURT COLE EIDSVIG zal 15 seconden schitteren om / will be screened for 15 glittering seconds on: Vrijdag, 17 juni 08:20:40 / Friday, 17 June 8:20:40 AM CET Bovenstaande tijd is de Centrale Europese tijd (CET). Dit is gemakkelijk te veranderen mocht je je buiten Europa bevinden: hier The time above is in Central European Time. If you’re in another time zone, you can easily convert it to your local time here

WAAR TE ZIEN / WHERE TO SEE IT Het scherm is te zien op het Museumplein in Amsterdam, bij de nieuwbouw van het Stedelijk Museum. Dit is de beste locatie om het scherm te zien en een foto ervan te maken. Information about the artist and this work is available onsite at the Museumplein in Amsterdam in front of the new Stedelijk Museum (under construction). See the sign in person and snap a photo!

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