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"Bob Ross Making Minimalist Art," Published in Drunk Monkeys

Drunk Monkeys, a literary journal, has featured one of my poems in their latest issue. The poem "Bob Ross Making Minimalist Art" is an exploration of subtraction in both nature and art,

This publication is part of my new series, Artificial Artificial Intelligence Poems, inspired by the early reactions to consumer AI technology. Instead of joining the public outcry against AI, I turned to poetry. Engaging in a creative duel with AI, I set out to prove the irreplaceable value of human creativity in poetry.

My approach is a modern twist on artistic competition, reminding us of the limitations of AI in understanding the nuances of human emotion and irony. While AI can mimic styles and structures, it falls short in capturing theessence of poetry, as I hope to demonstrate through my work.

For those interested in reading the full poem and exploring more of my work, visit Drunk Monkeys and explore the latest issue under the Poetry section.

Stay tuned for more updates and literary explorations at

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