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Digital Art for August

In Coronavirus years, August marks 3,000 decades since quarantine began. But for those of us who need to make art to process things, these past months have been productive.

When you can’t fight the virus or the circumstances, you can always fight the canvas. Or, in this case, the digital canvas.

For August I will be making 8 digital art limited edition prints available for purchase through my online store. Since the whole world seems teetering on an economic apocalypse there is no better time to dress up those walls.

Digital Art As Investment

Real estate? Stock market? Bitcoin?

How about art? This price point on these digital art prints is low because It’s phase one of me trying to infiltrate your homes and businesses.

But all you savvy entrepreneurs and aspiring moguls know art is the best investment.

Lucky for you, these works are priced low. As Warren Buffet would tell you, always buy value.

August Only

Did you know that when Warhol first showed soup cans you could score one for 50 bucks?

It‘s August only for these Eidsvig works. Adjust for inflation and you’ve got a steal.

Some of these works have been published and featured in shows.

They are all museum grade and ready to be framed. Like a patsy in a mob movie.

Commemorating Madness

Take a look at your favorite Impressionist piece and you may see a couple in the latest modern garb strolling through Parisian streets.

But what about the madness of 2020 and quarantine? It may not be a Monet landscape but everyone needs a souvenir.

Think of these Kurt Cole Eidsvig works as "I Survived the 2020 Quarantine and All I Got Was this Lousy Digital Art."

Take a Look Around

Am I the only one who hears "August and Everything After" anytime August gets brought up? Consider it the muzak for your digital art purchasing experience.

Or, you can read a few poems and let them serve as the lyrics to your buy.

Head over to the store now and see what you can find.

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