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God & Andy Warhol

One of the best parts of seeing the Andy Warhol Retrospective at the Whitney Museum of Art a few years back was taking in his immense da Vinci paintings. I was reading the Issacson da Vinci bio at the time, which only made the collaging that much better.

But the idea of Warhol as devout, aside from any commentary on religious painting, was fascinating to me. The powerful publicity of Studio 54 and 80s Manhattan and far overshadowed the idea of church-going Andy. These ideas were recently picked up in the "Revelations" show at The Brooklyn Museum.

Everyone familiar with my art / poetry project POP X POETRY knows that Warhol's influence is impossible to ignore. But the long hybrid poem I wrote for The Ekphrastic Review goes deeper than that. It looks at the power of misdirection, inspiration, epiphany, and layers of honesty.

You can read Are You There God? It's Me, Andy at The Ekphrastic Review. The image above is from POP X POETRY.

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