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Great Show this Weekend!

OK, I am admittedly biased. But when have you ever seen a FPTC production that wasn’t super-awesome? Really looking forward to this:

MEMORIES AND FANTASIES An Evening of Dance Featuring Ensemble Warhol, Contrapose Dance, and Kelley Donovan & Dancers

Friday, June 10 @ 8 pm Saturday, June 11 @ 8 pm Sunday, June 12 @ 3 pm Midway Studios, 15 Channel Center Street, Fort Point

Tickets are available online at at the door or call 800.838.3006

The evening begins with “La grenouille à grande bouche” (The Big Mouth Frog), a popular story told to children in Quebec to help them practice proper French pronunciation. Composer Mark Warhol, choreographer Lorraine Chapman, costumer Penney Pinette, and painter Heidi Zander have created an outrageous, stylistic, and sophisticated fantasy featuring bilingual narration.

“What Is Stable Shifts, What Is Solid Slips” is a new dance work about decay, memory, and transformation by Kelley Donovan & Dancers, with costumes by Anna Zamarippa and featuring pianist Barbara Lieurance playing the music of Morton Feldman.

The second half of the evening is a presentation of “Jeanne’s Fantasy,” an excerpt from the opera “Jeanne” by Mark Warhol, which catches the heroine daydreaming on the job. The production is a collaboration between Contrapose Dance and Ensemble Warhol and features choreography by Eve Summer, costumes by Kathleen Doyle, and sculpture by James Fuhrman.

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