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Lewitt Windows

Have been playing with the idea of images of museums as part of art. That is, how the conext of space reflects or informs the viewer. Maight be something in contrast to Smithson’s idea of non-sites, as here I am considering museums and space to be the art themselves. Some of this started on a revent trip to MOMA where I was overjoyed by the use of X’s and O’s to denote various floors. Given the series x/o and the installation with Brendan Murray and Martin Cockroft, I found x/o everywhere.

Something similar occured on my trip to Mass MOCA to see the Sol Lewitt wall drawings show. After the Lewitt works have trained your eyes, their balance, harmony, and imagery emerges everywhere. I found myself taking images of random windows within the old Sprague Electric factory and these patterns, designs, relationships seemed a reflection of the Lewitt as well. It seems that art is meant for this: reminding your eyes of the beauty in the ordinary. At least contemporary art seems to suggest this in its struggle against context, or reevaluation of context.

In short, above, find some of my “Sol Lewitt Windows” as seen at Mass MOCA.

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