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ROAR Print Drop and Fashion Designs

Has there ever been a better time to turn the page? 2020 has been a year of disaster, quarantines, arguments, in-fighting, and disappointment.

But just like WWI and the Spanish Flu gave way for the Roaring Twenties, this new print is meant to celebrate our next moment.

Welcome to the Roaring 20's Part II. Welcome to ROAR.

ROAR Artwork by Kurt Cole Eidsvig

ROAR includes original hand-painted canvases, large machine prints, and clothing attire. Built while preparing for a New Year, the ROAR collection will continue with exclusive item drops in the next months.

If you haven't yet, make sure you're following my Instagram page and IGTV channel.

New Items and Exclusive Offers

The large 24'" by 36" machine prints are the biggest pieces in the series available for purchase now. In the upcoming weeks I will make available the hand--painted original mixed media works.

A compliment to one of my original pop expressionist pieces, the ROAR iconography is lifted from a larger work,

Everyone needs a moment to celebrate and usher in a new era now. Put on your ROAR gear and let the world now we are putting the past behind us.

Thank You for The Support

Early support on ROAR has been intense. I've heard great things on the ROAR crop top women's shirt, the men's ROAR t-shirts, and the images and Big ROAR canvas prints.

You'll find women's and men's attire and prints in the shop.

Look forward to hearing from you all on your experiences this year and your love of ROAR. Let's all ROAR into the Roaring 20's Part II with these original Kurt Cole Eidsvig and EidsvigArt works.

As always, make sure to subscribe below for regular information on Kurt Cole Eidsvig and my work.

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