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Self-Portrait in Google Image Search Numbers 1 – 5

Images from a theme I have been exploring lately: This intersection of art and technology. Above are some of the results of the series, Self-Portrait in Google Image Search.

Interesting is the ability to both render a portrait and various aspects of oneself through this means, as well as discovering the surreal and allegedly non-connected. What is recognizable and what isn’t? Who do I know, and who don’t I know in my own searching? Of course these are great metaphors for something, for everything, if not just self-exploration in the digital age. What are we physically and what are we beyond that?

Results above are from a search for Kurt Eidsvig on April 26, 2011. This too is interesting, as although technology becomes a great archiving device of sorts, it doesn’t serve to record things like past search results. How much do we change, and how much does the world change, in a week, a month, a year, as evidenced by Google reflections? The opinion of the popular, the opinions of the internet?

Images from this series are all large-scale prints.

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