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Thank you BigREDandShiny

Sadly, the online journal BigRedandShiny announced that it is closing up shop as of their most recent issue on August 16, 2010. It seems that the site and archives will be available for awhile, but it is definitely a loss to the art community in Boston and beyond.

I have been privileged to be included in their contributors, both for poetry and reviews, and have appreciated being a part of a publication I have so much respect for.

Farewell BR&S. In the meantime, you can read some of my reviews and poems there:

Coronation: Claude Monet: Late Work at Gagosian (review)

Fluid Figures: An Interview with Nathalie Vogel

Picasso on Cocktail Napkins (poem)

Philip Lorca-diCorcia and In the Making (review)

This Guernica (poem)

Undulate (poem)

The Reason I Hate Gauguin (poem)

The Gallery there on Green Street (poem)

Thanks to BigRedandShiny for all their support of my work and for being such a great voice in the art community for so long. They will be sorely missed.

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