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Nothing is better than the tremendous support I've received for my art and writing over the years. Many of you have purchased original artworks and prints, read poems, attended installations and gallery exhibitions, cheered me on at readings and spoken-word events, and followed my career through expressionism, pop art, pop expressionism, and digital multi-media collage. You've visited my blogs, devoured my writing, passed poems along to friends, and commissioned works for your homes and businesses.  

Without your interest, encouragement, and investments I would have never been able to serve as a feature writer in poetry and art criticism, show around the world, or continue to evolve as a visual artist, poet, and storyteller. 


I've been called "The Southie Poet," "Key West with a Boston Accent," "the Art Teacher," The poet," "the guy who writes about heroin," or "opioids," or "art," or "South Boston." 

My work has been called, "Roy Lichtenstein on Acid," described as "Too much glitz and not enough substance," referred to as powerful, political, amazing, etc. The truth may be somewhere in there. 

It's safe to say I'm blessed to have had a career of over 25 years in making art and writing. Teachers, communities, mentors, and audiences from South Boston to Fort Point in Boston; The South Boston Poetry Guild to the Key West Poetry Guild; Syracuse University, Northeastern University, MassArt, UMASS Boston, Clark University, and the University of Montana have welcomed me, recognized me, supported me, and helped me along. 

It is my turn to welcome you. The blog below will include new art and writing news while focusing on individual works, inspiration, and blasts from the past. Please continue to reach out and come back often.

None of this is possible without you.  


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Thanks for your interest in Kurt Cole Eidsvig Art & Poetry. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!


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