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Included in books, journals, anthologies, magazines, zines and hybrid forms, Kurt Cole Eidsvig's blend of lyrical and narrative writing has won numerous awards. Come back often to sample new releases and visit links in the publications list to read selected works.




Over 350 poems and 40 original artworks. 

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The Ekphrastic Review, May 3, 2022. "Are You There God? It's Me, Andy."

Hanging Loose, Issue #112, 2022, "OxyContin for Breakfast."

Poetry and COVID, February 12, 2021, "Must-Have Holiday Emoji Recipes for 2020."

The Deadline, Summer, 2020, "Postponing the Emojis." 

Redline Zine, Issue Number 4, August 2020, "Another Word for Hunger." 

Redline Zine, Issue Number 2, June 2020, "Excerpts from New Symptoms of Quarantine."

District Lit "How To" Issue, May, 2020, "Robberies.

The Dewdrop, April 20, 2020, "Seasonal."

Poems from The Lockdown (Anthology). Willowdown Books, 2020. "In and Out of Quarantine with Persephone."

Poets Reading the News, March 2020, "Sweet & Sticky Mango" (with audio).

Polemical, Issue 11, Volume 1, December 2019, "Microwave Love Poem," and, "The Reasons They Think We Are Moving to Miami." 

Poets Reading the News, November 2019, "The Simple Art of Murder."

Poets Reading The News, September 2019, "120 After Hemingway."

Poets Reading The News, October 2019, "Once Upon a Time in Heaven."

Poets Reading The News, May 2019, "Saying I Love You in Wookiee."

Poets Reading The News, August 2018, "28 Different Spoons."

Decimos, Number 5, March 2018, "Sunday on the Way to L.A."

Decimos, Number 4, March 2018, "Lamplights." 

Decimos, Number 2, December 2017, "Take Aways." 

Decimos, Number 1, November 2017, "Another Train." 

Poets Reading The News, November 2017, "Sending Letters to Tomorrow."

Poets Reading The News, September 2017. "Steam."

The Ekphrastic Review, August 2107, "The Estate of Ideas."

Poets Reading The News, August 2017, "Keeping the Beat."

Poets Reading The News, July 2017, "Empty Tomb."

Hanging Loose, Issue #108, 2017, "Southie" and "Another Word."

Documnt, Issue 1, 2017. "Mixed Messages."

Sourland Mountain Review, Volume 1.1, 2017, "Salmon as Silver / Salmon as Fire."

Big RED and Shiny, October 9, 2014, "Fumes."

Big RED and Shiny, Volume 2, Number 11, August 13, 2013, "23 Exit Signs."

Big RED and Shiny, March, 2013. "Door to the River: After Willem de Kooning."

The Present Tense, February 4, 2013, "I Wish You New (After EL Putnam at Mobius)"

Big RED and Shiny, January 28, 2013, "Poem for Vladimir Umanets."

BurnerMag, Issue #3, Spring 2011, “The Soundtrack of Airport Goodbyes.”

Slipstream, Issue #31, Spring 2011, “Gina from Las Vegas.”

BurnerMag, Issue #2, Winter 2010, “Dear Jukebox.”

Muse & Stone, Fall 2010, “Las Vegas.”

Big RED and Shiny, Issue #130, May 3, 2010, “Picasso on Cocktail Napkins.”

Big RED and Shiny, Issue #126, March 2, 2010, “This Guernica.”

Where the Road Begins, An Anthology. The Cultural Organization of Lowell, 2007, “Parking Lot Destinations.”

Borderlands, Number 23, Fall/Winter 2004, “Falling into Briars.”

Big RED and Shiny, Issue #125, February 14, 2010, “Undulate.”

Big RED and Shiny, Issue #123, January 13, 2009, “The Reason I Hate Gauguin.”

Big RED and Shiny, Issue #122, December 21, 2009, “The Gallery There on Green Street.”

Artpoint, Fall 2007, “Dear Jukebox,” and “The Reason I Hate Gauguin.”

The Masthead, Volume 1, Issue 3, Summer 2006, “Picasso on Cocktail Napkins,” Meet Me at the MOMA,” and “White Numbers.”

South Boston Literary Gazette, Volume 17, Spring 2006, “Lunchtime Near the Pentagon.”

Slipstream, Number 26, 2006, “St. Petersburg.”

South Boston Literary Gazette, Volume 16, Fall 2005, “Counting.”

Hanging Loose, Issue #86, 2005, “Poem for Mandy/Poem for Ron.”

South Boston Literary Gazette, Volume 13, Summer/Fall 2004, “Pinball Music #48: Finding Those Places Underwater.”

Main Street Rag, Volume 8 Number 4, Winter 2004, “When I Die #5.”

Hanging Loose, Issue #84, 2004, “Blue,” and “You’re Probably in Japan By Now.”

South Boston Literary Gazette, Volume 12, Spring 2004, “Chicago,” “Last Will and Testament,” and “The Last Time I Saw Johnny Blockbuster.”

South Boston Literary Gazette, Volume 11, Winter 2003, “Providence.”   

South Boston Literary Gazette, Volume 10, Summer 2003, “Saint Augustine’s.”

Hanging Loose, Issue #81, 2002, “Missoula.”

Hanging Loose, Issue #79, 2001, “Counting.”

The 114th Meridian, Number 1, 2001, “Ring, “Commuting,” and “Fifty.”


Big RED and Shiny, Volume #2, Issue #3, December 16, 2012, "NGA: Roy Lichtenstein: A Retrospective."
Big RED and Shiny, Issue #133, July 5, 2010, “Coronation: Claude Monet: Late Work at Gagosian.”
Big RED and Shiny, Issue #132, June 8, 2010, “Fluid Figures: An Interview with Nathalie Vogel.”
Big RED and Shiny, Issue #127, March 16, 2010, “Philip-Lorca diCorcia and in the Making: Impressions from the ICA Collection.”, 2008 -– 2009 Boston-area Museum and Art Critic.


Decimos, Number 6, May, 2018 "The Truth About Pelicans." 

The Scarlet Leaf Review, April, 2016, "Be Mime." 

The Scarlet Leaf Review, August, 2016, "Marigold in Winter."


The Southeast Review, Volume 28 Number 1, 2010, “Gravity, by Michael Davis.
The Southeast Review, Volume 27 Number 2, 2009, “Skirmish by Dobby Gibson.”


Let's Stab Caesar! Magazine, Volume 2, June 2022, Handwash.

Redline Zine, Issue 4, August 2020, Help! Loose! (Revised).

Redline Zine, Issue 3, July 2020, Solstice and She'll

Redline Zine, Issue 2, June 2020, Another Take on We Wore Masks.

Polemical, Issue 12, March 2020, Full Moon in Gemini.

Poets Reading the News, March 2020, Leave Don't.

Decimos, Number 2, December 2017, "This is Getting Serious.

Poets Reading The News, November 2017, "Slow Dancing To Open Arms."

Cutbank, Issue #55, Spring 2001, "Bird," 1999, and "Losing Montana-Glacier Park," 2000.

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