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With a 20+ year publishing history, Kurt Cole Eidsvig’s writing has been featured in regular columns for Big Red & Shiny, ArtsAmerica, SpinRecords, and He has been featured and published in outlets like The Boston Globe, Slipstream, Hanging Loose, Borderlands, Main Street Rag, Poets Reading the News, The Improper Bostonian, and The Southeast Review. A graduate of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Montana, Kurt has won a Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship, a Warhol Foundation/Creative Capital Award, and the Edmund Freeman Award.

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Cover/List Price: $15, 96 pages

Scheduled for release in early 2023. It is available for preorder NOW at advance discount prices, but that price is temporary and is only available directly from the publisher, Main Street Rag.

You can read more about the book in the blog. But don't wait; the advanced purchase price is available for a limited time.

Cover/List Price: $29.99, 134 pages

Featuring over 300 poems, 30 brand-new artworks, and a unique layout, bright designs, and more, this book's narrative botox blast gives Poetry the long-overdue facelift we were waiting for.

Order now. 

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Cover/List Price: $21.95 (paperback), $9.99 (ebook) 384 pages


Art Official is a sardonic and piercing examination of the hidden influence government exerts on contemporary culture. Rooted in American history and politics, Kurt Cole Eidsvig’s work shines a humorous light on the nature of the modern art scene and how culture, even “subversive” culture, is often weaponized and subverted by those in power.


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Additional Publications

Kurt's writing has been featured in numerous publications, including magazines, anthologies, and journals. Visit Publications and Awards for an up-to-date list of recently published work. 

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