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This unauthorized send-up on literature’s most precious member skewers the life and times of Poetry. With bold colors, gritty words and funny stories,  POP X POETRY’s artsy biographical tone in no way means you’ll learn anything at all. You may lose brain cells. 


Featuring over 300 poems, 30 brand-new artworks, and a unique layout, bright designs, and more, this book’s narrative botox blast gives Poetry the long-overdue facelift we were waiting for. 


Presented as a series of collage pieces, the book moves between small daily moments of existence and larger spiritual quests. Written in easy-to-read haiku, this volume reveals the secrets of Poetry’s life. Hot affairs, celebrity encounters, brutal confessions, love, loss, and laughter weave through this dark comedy of words. 


Vivid artwork with visual compositions create this satire on Poetry, art, memoir, fiction, and culture. You may pee your pants. POP X POETRY has rap songs, bad guys, celebs, booze, sex, gossip, and lies: Reality TV Poetry, action-movie Poetry. You’ll remember how to read again. Or want to. This story’s got it all. 


Critics say “This book reads like Moby Dick on drugs. It also reads like your life.” For everyone who hated High School English class, or loves streaming shows, and staring at their iPhones, this is the book for you. Sit down and experience life alongside an icon.  


No one’s seen or done more than Poetry: Lovers, wars, fights, and drinking binges make this fun. There are serious parts to focus on as well: Feel Poetry’s pain while being beaten into submission by greats like Shakespeare and Donne. Hide beneath the bed while Emily Dickinson tinkers with some lines. Bolt from the sheets next to Poetry when their ex texts at 3 AM. Extend from Persian landscapes to Instagram likes in this whirlwind ride. 


Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and through your local bookstore.

~132 pages, $29.95 (+ shipping)

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