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Interview in The Dewdrop

I recently had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with The Dewdrop, and we dove deep into some topics that are close to my heart. From why I write to the intricate processes behind my latest collection, The Simple Art of Murder, it was a conversation full of revelations and reflections.

We talked about the personal roots of my collection, touching on the themes of loss and the search for understanding, deeply influenced by the loss of my mother. My work's recurring themes draw from my academic background and personal inspirations, including the impact of visual artists and the significance of place.

The conversation also covered lighter moments, discussing my inspirations and the cautious approach to sharing work in progress.

The interview was a blend of humor, seriousness, and surprise, offering a glimpse into my writing journey. I hope you like it.

The original was over 3000 words, and they had to cut it down to fit. Stay tuned, as I will probably share the full content in the upcoming weeks.

You can learn more about The Simple Art of Murder here.

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