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Interview with Kristin Marquet at Authority Magazine

Hey everyone, just wanted to share that I recently had a great interview with Kristin Marquet over at Authority Magazine. We dove into my experiences with poetry and art criticism, and I got to talk about how writers like Robert B. Parker and poets John Donne and Robert Frost have influenced my work.

The interview includes my take on 5 Things You Need To Write Powerful and Evocative Poetry. Also, it includes some info on my upcoming books, "The Simple Art of Murder" and "Drowning Girl." The second is a unique blend of poetry and different creative forms, all inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's famous painting.

In the interview, I opened up about my perspective on poetry, how it intertwines language with music, and its power to heal and connect us. We also talked about the practical side of writing poetry, like the importance of revising and letting your work evolve naturally.

If you're curious to hear more about my thoughts and upcoming work, check out the full interview. You can also keep up with my latest projects by subscribing here on my website,, and following my Instagram @EidsvigArt.

Keep an eye out for "DROWNING GIRL" at Unsolicited Press and your local bookstores. You can order "The Simple Art of Murder" right now at Broadstone Books.

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