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Painting Slides; Slide Paintings

I have long hoped to do a series of paintings of slides of various art historical masterpieces cast into images using a light table. Seems so important given the fleeting time period where actual slides will be used (so, there is the idea of recording history) as well as the comment on the history or painting or the true nature and importance of art history.

Most of my work lately is on this theme. Primarily the idea of recording something that will be soon forgotten (the lineup of tv shows, and their content, showing simultaneously at any given time… as soon we will all control what content is streaming to our TV’s; newspapers and their fleeting half-life at this stage of the game; etc., etc.). All these items that seemed so permanent, and maybe so vital and shaping to our culture, to who whole societies were, to individuals and what shaped their ideas… and now they will soon be gone in a twinkling.

Wars have been fought over newspaper articles (check out Elmore Leonard’s Cuba Libre for some fun on this theme when you have some time) and astronomical prices paid for major collections of artwork, that could be here, seen, collecting on a light table.

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