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You Had To Be There

There’s an old live Jimmy Buffett album from 1978 called “You Had To Be There.” When you’re a contemporary Key West writer you apparently have to reference Jimmy. But you also lose all conch credibility when you do.

What’s this have to do with my poetry book POP X POETRY? Well, we had the book launch yesterday and you had to be there.

Parrotheads get Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit, Margaritaville, and an alternate version of Miss You So Badly (with a shoutout to Missoula, Montana) on You Had To Be There.

POP X POETRY-ers got readers from around the world, 3 art previews, and a Q & A session. I’m pretty sure I was the biggest fan. Seeing and hearing so many creative and talented people bring the haiku poems from my collection to life was a thrill.

A Free Giveaway

You may have missed the event but you’ll get some of the swag. Between now and November 14, 2021, I’m hosting a free giveaway of a POP X POETRY book to new website subscribers.

Also, there are some coupons for discounts on the paperback book and PDF versions if you download the POP X POETRY Zoom Launch Program.

Beyond all that, download a free copy of the program. You’ll find out more about the book, the readers, the art, and more.

With all those discounts, there are plenty of opportunities to buy ludicrous amounts of copies of the book.

Art Previews

There were 3 video art previews at the event last night. I’ve shared the first above. Subscribe to see the others in the coming weeks.

Come Monday, November, 15 they will be gone, so make sure you check out the deals in the program.

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